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ResourceBlender is an open-source translation and internationalization utility which offers an easy way to manage localized resources for inclusion with different applications. It is capable of importing, creating, editing and generating resources which can be used in .NET, Java, C++ and other applications.

This documentation is linked for convenience from, and applies to ResourceBlender Express, but ResourceBlender.NET documentation is available at the Wiki.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Quickstart
  4. Understanding Bundles and Elements
  5. Adding an Application
    1. Custom Language Codes
  6. Translating an Application
    1. Editing RBT Files
    2. Adding an Element
    3. Adding Elements in Bulk
    4. One Click Automatic Translation
    5. Bulk Automatic Translation
    6. Filters
    7. Re-using Resources
    9. Incomplete Translations
    10. Shortcut Keys
    11. Editing PO Files
    12. Creating variants of existing translations
  7. Sending Files to Translators
    1. RBT Translation Databases
    2. XML Spreadsheets
  8. Importing from existing resource files
    1. Importing from .properties
    2. Importing from .resx files
    3. Importing from .po files
    4. Filtering by element name
  9. Exporting to a useable format
    1. Firefox XPI (.properties, .dtd)
      1. XPI format details
    2. GNU Portable Object(PO/gettext)
      1. GNU PO format details
    3. Java (.properties)
      1. Java format details
    4. .NET (.resx)
      1. .NET format details
    5. .NET Compact Framework (.resx)
    6. PHP Array
    7. PHP Definitions
    8. XML Spreadsheet
  10. Templates
  11. Resource Maintenance
    1. Viewing a Resource Summary
    2. Duplicate Resources
      1. Merging Duplicate Translations
    3. Unused Resources
  12. Editing Resx Files
  13. Backup & Restore
  14. Accessing the Source on CodePlex

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